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Mind Mechanics

explore the freedom of options

part of: Talk&Co. IdeaFactory, coaching by Troy& Dubravka

Mind Mechanics: learn how thought- feeling relationship works


Talk about what you want to be different in your life; talk about what is bothering you; tell about how you would like it to be. Talk about your challenges.


Learn how the experience of life is created, by and in our minds. A shift in your understanding will provide you a fresh idea, that allows you to move on.


Apply your new idea in practice. Your perception and your perspective have changed, so will “reality”. Solve the problem you talked about. If you can imagine it, you can do it.


When you talk about what you want to be different, it will become clear what it is you really want.


Take one of the courses to learn how you create the experience of your life. Reveal the “how” that corresponds to your “What”.


It is up to you to do something about the “what” and the “how”. I am by your side to ensure you get to your destination.

Body Mechanics

explore the freedom of movement

Body Mechanics: learn how intention- movement relationship works


Even though it appears we start with movement, it is our intention that guides it. Explore the freedom of options.


Explore the freedom of movement. Discover how your body works in regard to obstacles and gravity.


Explore how breath influences your body and how your breath is influenced by your mind.


Explore how intention works. It is the “what” that drives the movement.


Learn how the body works. Discover the relationship between body and mind. Calm your mind.


Apply the intention driven movement in practice.


My name is Dubravka (Mihalicek- van Lingen), currently I live in Ribamar (next to Ericeira) in Portugal with my husband, daughter, hovawart dog and 3 rabbits.


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Additional reading and explanations Tai Chi Tao & Experience of life by choice

You come for a dialog.

Tai chi tao practice is a dialog through movement. You will learn to listen to yourself and to experience harmony in movement. This is an individual experience, even if we practice in the group. Movements are deliberate and could be slow or quick, depending on you and your idea of how it should be. Chi kung is the foundation of movements and teaches you body mechanics: how your body works. This includes the surroundings as well: how your body works regarding gravity for instance or in contact with other practitioners. There is always a part of our practice where we meditate, standing or seated. You do not need any equipment or experience, just curiosity and an open spirit to learn. You will notice it is your intention that guides your movement and determines your practice. We´ll talk about this a bit during the practice.

If you take one of the individual courses you bring your challenge with you. You talk, I listen. I really listen, as I am honestly curious and interested. No judgements. My only goal is that you learn what you need to learn and move on. Your mind is probably racing and your body is reacting to it. First thing we do is to slow down the speed of your thoughts and calm your physiology. This alone will change the charge of the problem you are dealing with. It is all about you and your story. Once I have a glimpse of how you see your world and how the problem at hand fits into it, I will guide you, using metaphors, physical movement or both to get you to realize where your experience is coming from. You will deduce, conclude, in your own way, in your own value system, what your personal truth is. There will be an insight that will start moving you into the right direction. I do not have answers to your problems. We´ll formulate the right question to transform your situation. This custom-made question contains the answer. Once your thinking has shifted, there will be new thoughts that will allow you to move on and the problem will transform into no-problem or something that you can handle elegantly.

Tai chi practice is part of Taoist philosophy and way of living, just like Chinese medicine is. This is the connection between Tai chi tao and Transformational thinking:

Tai chi teacher traditionally is a practitioner of Chinese medicine. Tai chi is practiced to maintain your health and well being, either in physical sense (fight) or other (health and calm mind). The teacher/ guide is paid when and while you are healthy and can provide for yourself. When participants/ students are ill, they do not pay (traditionally) to get better. This concept is oriented toward maintaining health, not towards preventing or healing a disease. Should student get ill even if practicing and following the guidance from the teacher, Chinese “medicine” applies different “techniques”, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. These techniques have developed in the different parts of China and were traditionally used for different treatments, depending on pathogens (internal or external). However, in the ancient times, when the world was simple and people lived more in harmony with nature, there was the third technique, the one of “changing your mind”. Literally. You would shift in your understanding and the problems i.e. disease would cease to exist or you could deal with it easily from this level of consciousness. More on this subject, you can find in the Su Wen, chapter 13.