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Tai Chi Tao: exploring personal freedom of movement

(going back to the source)

Lateralifecoach: exploring personal freedom of options

(going back to yourself)

I will show you creative ways in dealing with personal challenges and/ or exploring personal freedom of movement. I am with you to help you make decisions and take action that will make you feel good about yourself.

Sometimes you can feel stuck in a situation or a feeling, or going through the same thought-loops over and over again. When in this kind of mood it is difficult to decide which way to go, or even to see that there is a way at all.

The coaching journey and the tai chi tao practice will show you that there is a structure. This structure will support you in your coaching journey or in the intended movement. Your coaching journey gets its structure from your chosen destination and the action plan; tai chi tao practice gets its structure in chi kung (body mechanics, calm mind).

If you decide to partner up with me, in my role of a life coach, I can show you that the situation, the problem or the challenge, can be seen from a different perspective. Reframing and/ or rephrasing the challenge at hand usually gives you more clarity about which way to go. This is the exploration of your personal freedom of options.

If you want to join Tai Chi Tao practice, you can do so in a small group of like-minded people. You will learn, through movements, that what you practice is simple and will give you a moment for yourself. This is the exploration of your freedom of movement.

Intention/ Plans

No matter if you are practicing tai chi or partner up with a life coach, there will be an intention, a plan. Before there is a movement (tai chi) or an action (life coaching), there is always an idea, a plan.

Movement/ Action

To test your plans and intentions you need to get to action. The movement is required to get things going, regardless the subject. Movement or action will follow the intention, the plan made.

Breath/ Feedback

In tai chi breath is used to direct movement, and also as a bodily feedback: your breath will tell you exactly how you feel about what you are doing. In lifecoaching there will always be feedback in terms of comparing the results of your actions with the idea from the beginning.

You may not be where you want to be, yet you are exactly where you need to be.

The place you´re in right now is a reflection of who you are right now. So, if you know that you want to be somewhere else, let´s start a coaching journey.


My name is Dubravka (Mihalicek- van Lingen), currently I live in Ribamar (next to Ericeira) in Portugal with my husband, daughter, hovawart and 3 rabbits. I have been a student my entire life and when I started transferring my skills, insights and knowledge I learned even more from people that I had the opportunity to meet and support. Instead of a show-off résumé of achievements, diplomas, degrees and certificates I want to present myself through a, so called,

“Résumé of failures”

Here you can read about all of the stuff that did not go that well at first. However I found a way to figure it out and to get where I want to be.

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To contact me, please use the following email address:

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Tai chi Tao lessons are in the park Santa Marta in Ericeira on Mondays at 17h30, Wednesdays at 17h30 and Thursdays at 09h30. Alternative locations when raining.

Before you join for the first time, contact me.

Life coaching sessions are in my practice in Ribamar:

Rua das Almoinhas 12 2640-004 Ribamar

By appointment

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