Change the way you experience life

Learn how to change your relationship with your thoughts and feelings so you feel powerful and in charge of your life. The end result is Creating a future that is different than the future that would arrive by default.

Tai chi tao

explore the freedom of movement

Challenge your thinking

explore the freedom of options

Would you like some help with that?

You can do something about how you experience life. Engage in the process of discovery and exploring so you can shift from life by default to life by choice. This can be done through the tai chi tao practice (intention-movement-breath approach) or through the “Challenge your thinking” courses (intention-insight-feedback approach). Both approaches will provide you with “unlearning” of overthinking, to start with. Go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm, efficient and powerful.

So here’s what I suggest…
If you have a feeling that life could be better, If you want to change “ok” for “extraordinary”, in any or all areas, just give me a shot. Become a learner…

You come for a dialog. This dialog will remain mostly in movement if you are a tai chi student. Should you apply for an individual course, then you bring your challenge with you. You talk, I listen. (more details on the practicalities page)

All you have to do is book one of the courses and commit to a journey of personal discovery. I accept 1 new student for the individual course each month, and will confirm the availability first. I accept new students for Tai chi tao until the group is full (depending on the current regulations and/ or up to 9 students).

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”

– Albert Einstein.

Challenge your thinking!

Participating in the Tai Chi Tao practice you will explore the freedom of movement and develop a calmer mind that is the foundation of reaching beyond thinking. You will discover that you can be calm, centred and grounded, using your attention only when needed. Eventually, it is about not fighting (yourself).

Taking one of the individual courses, means your thinking will be challenged to push you past repeating other people´s thoughts and question your own habits of thinking. You will discover your personal truths, and will reach insights. You will shift your consciousness; see everything from a new perspective including your challenges, problems, state of being….No problem can be solved on the same level (of consciousness) as it is created. You need some new thoughts that you can discover at the next level of consciousness.


My name is Dubravka (Mihalicek- van Lingen), currently I live in Ribamar (next to Ericeira) in Portugal with my husband, daughter, hovawart dog and 3 rabbits.


To contact me, please use the following email address:

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You come for a dialog. You bring your challenge with you. You talk, I listen. I really listen, as I am honestly curious and interested. No judgements. My only goal is that you learn what you need to learn and move on. Your mind is probably racing and your body is reacting to it. First thing we do is to slow down the speed of your thoughts and calm your physiology. This alone will change the charge of the problem you are dealing with. It is all about you and your story. Once I have a glimpse of how you see your world and how the problem at hand fits into it, I will guide you, using metaphors, physical movement or both to get you to realize where your experience is coming from. You will deduce, conclude, in your own way, in your own value system, what your personal truth is. There will be an insight that will start moving you into the right direction. I do not have answers to your problems. We´ll find the right question to describe your situation. The right question contains the answer. Once your thinking has shifted, there will be new thoughts that will allow you to move on and the problem will transform into no-problem or something that you can handle elegantly.